In a digital-first global economy, skilled talent is the new currency for business and economic growth. Subsequently, now more than ever it is important for companies to know where the best talent resides and what these workers want. As the global economic environment continues to be uncertain and employees' expectations of work evolve, leverage ManpowerGroup research, tools and insights to make data-based decisions and compete in a talent-scarce global economy.

Closing the UK Skills Gap

Do you know what matters to workers when it comes to attracting and retaining talent?

Employers are challenged today with catering to the needs and desires of an increasingly in-demand workforce. To be successful, you need to understand what workers want in 2020.

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UK organisations looking globally to expand

Where are UK organisations looking globally to expand and find talent?

Availability, cost efficiency, regulation and productivity - there are many factors companies should consider when deciding where to grow their workforce. Our new data explains this year's trends and most promising markets.

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Worker of The Future

Closing the Skills Gap: What Workers Want

Global talent shortages have almost doubled in the last decade. 54% of companies report skills shortages, with businesses in 36 of 44 countries finding it more difficult to attract skilled talent than in 2018.

Our new report reveals what attracts people to an organisation and what makes them stay. Helping businesses find, build and keep the best talent, our exclusive research offers crucial insights into how worker desires vary by geography, gender and at different stages of their career cycle.

Read our UK-specific findings today to learn more about the five employee needs that will help you develop strategies that will allow your employees to collaborate with machines and thrive in the digital age.

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Closing the UK Skills Gap
Total Workforce Index

The Total Workforce Index™

Organisations today need to make complex and quick decisions regarding sourcing, hiring and retaining talent to compete in global labour markets.

Comprehensive data can be a key driver for better decision making as employers seek to implement more global workforce strategies.

Our Total Workforce Index™ (TWI) can help identify the most beneficial locations to invest in workforce engagement. TWI is the only index to use a proprietary formula to examine the total workforce and determine the rankings of Total, Contingent and Permanent workforce insights across 75 global markets.

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How ManpowerGroup Can Help Your Business

ManpowerGroup helps organisations to transform in a fast-changing world of work, by sourcing, assessing, developing and managing the talent that enables their business to thrive. Across Manpower, ManpowerGroup Solutions, Experis and Right Management, we deliver workforce expertise and talent-related solutions that unleash the power of people across all corners of the labour market.

Our innovative workforce solutions increase workforce productivity, improve efficiency, and boost the bottom line of more than 400,000 organisations every year. By combining global presence and local expertise, we influence how people and companies work now and how they will work in the future. It’s about creating progress, by knowing what’s happening now and what will happen next in the world of work – and sharing it to benefit all. Learn more about our extensive world of work expertise using the links below.

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